GigBoss Terms and Conditions

“Our Terms of Service” – We reserve the right to make changes to these terms at our discretion, the following will give you an understanding about the GigBoss network, and that it is provided as a service and we hold no guarantees.

Site use, network, and service is on an “As-Is” no-warranty basis.

There are no guarantees to your success as an independent business owner. We are merely offering a service to help you get started faster and get to work. We are in no way connected or affiliated with any 3rd-party technology partners and only have control over GigBoss services and servers. If a technology partner is experiencing any downtime or system issues, then you should contact that partner directly. We will also make note of the issue and reach out to help escalate the issue, though we are not held liable to do so.

GigBoss network websites and content license

All network website(s), information, content and site material are owned by GigBoss LLC and as an independent business owner or staffing professional you are leasing your website, initial site content, resource materials from GigBoss and cannot share or transfer to another 3rd party hosting provider. If you leave GigBoss, you will have to purchase a new website solution through your new provider and may not re-purpose or transfer GigBoss created technology or content. If you received a free logo/brand package, you are free to use that anywhere you like. It’s your brand. 🙂

Page, Blog & Content Creation

All updates to website content, adding pages or blog posts, or creating content in general is the sole responsibility of the business owner, whom is leasing the website from GigBoss. If you need assistance in modifying your website, adding or removing pages, or creating additional content you can hire us for a fee of $150 per hour. We recommend you organize your content prior to hiring us to keep your costs low. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at Remember, we manage and maintain the complex infrastructure for websites on the GigBoss platform, any additional design or content creation is a separate service entirely. In the event of excessive support tickets or service requests we also reserve the right to charge an additional fee of $150 per hour / per request if support requests exceed 5 tickets per month.

IP & System Stability

All stated above is to protect GigBoss intellectual property and maintain system, platform and network stability. Gigboss works hard to maintain system stability for all our customers, but are not held liable for system or server outage. All GigBoss services are use at your own risk without warranty. If a customer’s website or site files threaten the GigBoss network or our platform stability, we reserve the right to shut down or remove the clients website and your current monthly payment will be forfeited without refund. Depending on how severe the threat is, in the event of removal of your website, we will attempt to back up any page content to a text document and email it to you, this is a courtesy of GigBoss and not required by our team.

Inappropriate Use of Network Services. 

Under no circumstance do we support or condone offensive material in anyway, shape or form. If you have offensive material, pornography, or inappropriate language on your GigBoss website, you will be shut down and your current monthly payment will be forfeited without refund. We strive to maintain a clean, and safe web experience, even though we are not held liable for any breaches of service or account information, we strive to provide a safe, secure and stable experience for our clients. Let’s keep it friendly and clean please. We’re here to help you with any issues you may have, just visit our support or contact page and we will address your request in the order it is received.

HubSpot CRM (Free CRM Service)

We are not affiliated nor support HubSpot’s software. We only integrate your website with their free software so that when a user submits an email from your website’s contact form, your emails will be passed into your HubSpot Free CRM account. You are not obligated to purchase or buy a HubSpot paid account, though their are perks of having a paid account and getting the support you need by HubSpot’s team. GigBoss Support will do our best to assist our customers within the realms of connecting your contact forms to your free or paid HubSpot account, but that is where it ends. We do not own HubSpot or admin those accounts, nor have control over their software, so if you are having email connectivity issues or you are not getting notifications from their system, you can upgrade to a paid support plan directly from HubSpot, or use their and their community managers can assist you.

Tip: If you are a HubSpot Free customer, they have Paid Support techs in this community so chances are great you will get the support you need without upgrading to a paid HubSpot plan. We recommend going this route before you invest in a HubSpot paid program.

SendGrid (Free Email Submission Service)

You website form submission email is powered by the (free edition) SendGrid API. This is what makes sending email from your website contact form to your personal or business email address possible. GigBoss support will connect your website to SendGrid, so that when someone submits your contact form, an email will be sent via SMTP using SendGrid’s API. All GigBoss sites come setup with SendGrid Free Edition, if you need more email bandwidth or you are sending a lot of email, then you will need to upgrade your SendGrid account to a paid higher tier account. Upgrading your SendGrid account will give you more emails than the Free Account limit gives you. (i.e., As advertised; The SendGrid Free Account currently provides up to 100 emails per day, for free, forever.)

Email through Third Parties such as, Ionos, GoDaddy, or any other domain registrars.

GigBoss is not affiliated or in partnerships with, Ionos, GoDaddy, etc. The GigBoss Support Team does not support third-party email or software. Our support team will do our best to help you get setup and running within our limitations, but we do not own, admin or have control over any third parties such as, Ionos, GoDaddy, or any other domain registrar that offer’s email or other services. We cannot support something we do not own nor have control over. We simply do our best to work and help you leverage the free services that are available and offered to you, and should you choose to upgrade or purchase their paid programs or services, you do so at your own risk.

  • GoDaddy Support Number: 1 (480) 505-8877
  • & Ionos Support Number: 1-866-991-2631

CloudFlare SSL

Your GigBoss website is protected by a CloudFlare SSL free SSL certificate. There are no warranties with this service and it is offered on an “As-Is” basis. GigBoss Support is not affiliated with CloudFlare, and if you are experiencing any service outage, bandwidth restrictions or other issues with your CloudFlare account, then please seek out support from the highly trained CloudFlare support technicians here.

Thank you. Team GigBoss.